[SOUNDBOARD] Scambait Soundboard

Need a soundboard for scambaiting?

Look no further! Scambait Soundboard includes a bunch of common sound effects, sound compilations, and the ENTIRE Skeleton Syskey library.

Check it out! https://scambaitsoundboard.com

We even have some completely original sound effects coming soon!

If you have a sound effect that we should add, feel free to comment below.
I will read all the comments and try to add new sound effects as soon as I have time. Please include a YouTube or MP3 link!


Thank you, this is an excellent tool. Especially the driving and walking sounds, very useful while I go elsewhere to do other stuff. The Hindi phrases are great, just wish I knew what they’re saying.

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The hindi sounds are from Skeleton Syskey, at some point I will translate them and add the translations, I am just really busy at the moment.

I am glad you like and use the tool!

Edit: spelling

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I played Hindi sound in the background while actually talking to an SSA scammer, to simulate the call center background noise that we often hear. He got mad, saying why am I talking about a train, I can’t even ride a bicycle. He was pissed. I guess one of those sound bytes talks about trains.

Thank you, Evanspy!

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Most of the “Adam” bot “Hindi” phrases are actually Punjabi and are extremely vulgar

How do we setup the soundboard so the scammer hears it? I use Windows PC

Most people use VoiceMeeter Banana/Potato to do things like that.

Morph Vox Pro Lets you insert recorded files into “background” which are transmitted through your microphone and you don’t hear them but the scammer does.

They are from Skeleton Syskey, who unfortinately did not provide any further info than what is avalible.

I would love to improve the quantity and quality of the information on the site, so if you can elaborate or provide quality translations (google translate did not work well), please get in touch.

Thank you. I love your scambaiting style.

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I will get back to you tomorrow and give summary interpretation what “Adam” the bot is saying

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Ok, thanks. Feel free to send it as a message rather than a reply if it contains swearing.

Will send you a message today