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SBU is a drama free place to research, waste the time of, and ultimately end telecommunications scams.
We parter with large scambaiting services to bring you all the latest tools, numbers, and guides in one place!

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These are the rules governing the Scambaiters United forums and Discord server. For Terms of Serice and Privacy Policy, read here.

Follow Applicable ToS

Be sure to follow the rules or terms of service on the platform level first, then consider the rules at the community level. On our Discord server, for example, it is of the utmost importance that you follow the Discord terms of service and our own.

No Spam

Don't intentionally spam or be annoying just to aggravate someone, just because you are "pranking" them, or because you think it is funny. It isn't funny and just wastes the time of everyone involved.

Don't Advertise or Self-Promote Without Permission

If you want to become a partner, have a pinned or promoted post, get a logo in our sidebar, or advertise in our Discord, get in touch. Failure to do so will result in all your posts, messages, and non-approved advertisements being removed.

No Racism, Annoying, Arguing, or being a Jerk

In general, just don't be a jerk. It is fine to be angry or mad at the scammers, but being mean to your fellow scambaiters is not helpful or productive, so don't do it. We actively protect SBU by blocking "toxic behavior". Debates are a perfectly acceptable way to discuss a topic, but turning it into an argument is going too far.

No Stealing or Plagiarism

If you are going to take something from Wikipedia, cite it. Scambaiters are generally very internet-savvy, don't claim to know it all (you don't), and don't steal from other people. You will wind up just making a fool out of yourself.

No Politics

Don't discuss anything political or related to politics. If you would like to discuss politics, there are many places suited for that type of discussion (see r/politics for the US, and the many offshoots for other countries). The only exception to this rule is for discussion regarding the FCC and their (lack of) regulation of scammers, discussing anti-scammer laws, etc.

English Only

While we would love to support more languages (and we have some automatic translation features on the roadmap), the moderation team only speaks English, and as such we only allow English.