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BobRTC Registration Issues

Scambaiting Tools

How do i get my bobrtc to let me call it keeps asking me to authorize and I click it but nothing happens and sends me back to the home screen with the same option "login with discord" what can i do to make it work

MajinBuzzer - on 7/21/20

This isn't really the place for BobRTC support, but I will help answer anyways.

You may have content blockers enabled that prevent discord from loading properly, or it could be a number of other issues. I would suggest joining our Discord Server (link in the header) where we can better assist.

Evanspy - on 7/21/20

ok i asked for help in the channel #help

MajinBuzzer - on 7/21/20

Just an update, it looks to have to do with BobRTC's latest update. We got some of the admins notified, and are working on a fix.

Evanspy - on 7/21/20