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SBU is a drama free place to research, waste the time of, and ultimately end telecommunications scams.
We parter with large scambaiting services to bring you all the latest tools, numbers, and guides in one place!

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Locked SBU is Back!

Announcements and News

Shine, the former owner of SBU, left a couple months ago along with some of the ScammerBlaster drama. While she is not returning, NorthBaits is taking over SBU.

To be clear, we have not paid shine anything, we just got in touch and got the domain and Discord transfered, and we are working on re-building the community!

All user accounts have been deleted as part of our switch to this custom-built platform, so if your account was created prior to this post, you will need to re-create it. We understand if you don't want to stay with SBU or don't trust us, but we are the creators of NorthWatch and many other smaller scambaiting tools (PopUp Scam Finder, Scambait Soundboard, etc.), and we have the best intentions.

Finally, you probably noticed the ads if you aren't using an AdBlocker. We use AdEx, a privacy-respecting advertising company to serve ads that respect your privacy. If you want to help us out, please consider disabling your AdBlocker.

SBU - on 6/30/20

1800 624 4503 refund scam

Kechua123 - on 7/30/20